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Editorial: Special edition on probabilistic numerics

Statistics and Computing special issue on Probabilistic Numerics

It is a great pleasure to announce that a special issue of Statistics and Computing (vol. 29, no. 6) dedicated to the theme of probabilistic numerics is now fully available online in print. This special issue, edited by Mark Girolami, Ilse Ipsen, Chris Oates, Art Owen, and myself, accompanies the 2018 Workshop on Probabilistic Numerics held at the Alan Turing Institute in London.

The special issue consists of a short editorial and ten full-length peer-reviewed research articles:

  1. “De-noising by thresholding operator adapted wavelets” by G. R. Yoo and H. Owhadi
  2. “Optimal Monte Carlo integration on closed manifolds” by M. Ehler, M. Gräf, and C. J. Oates
  3. “Fast automatic Bayesian cubature using lattice sampling” by R. Jagadeeswaran and F. J. Hickernell
  4. “Symmetry exploits for Bayesian cubature methods” by T. Karvonen, S. Särkkä, and C. J. Oates
  5. “Probabilistic linear solvers: a unifying view” by S. Bartels, J. Cockayne, I. C. F. Ipsen, and P. Hennig
  6. “Strong convergence rates of probabilistic integrators for ordinary differential equations” by H. C. Lie, A. M. Stuart, and T. J. Sullivan
  7. “Adaptive step-size selection for state-space based probabilistic differential equation solvers” by O. A. Chkrebtii and D. A. Campbell
  8. “Probabilistic solutions to ordinary differential equations as non-linear Bayesian filtering: A new perspective” by F. Tronarp, H. Kersting, S. Särkkä, and P. Hennig
  9. “On the positivity and magnitudes of Bayesian quadrature weights” by T. Karvonen, M. Kanagawa, and S. Särkkä
  10. “A modern retrospective on probabilistic numerics” by C. J. Oates and T. J. Sullivan

Published on Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 12:00 UTC #stat-comp #prob-num #girolami #ipsen #oates #owen